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Tarzan’s sick…..stomach fluu. Great right? :( so i won’t be in the best mood at the moment. I’m feeling weak.


TARZAN MAN! *poses*


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-Jane, Flynn & Pocahontas

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who wants to role playing with Tarzan? I feel up to it. I’ll send you something. Just let me know.


under-the-fallen-sky said:
Hello :) *waves*

I answered:

-Tarzan stared at the little pig in front of him- Food?

areyoualwaysthisarticulate said:
*raises an eyebrow *I was last time I checked.
Who, porkchop? I wouldn't say friend exactly, but there are folks I've hated less. Why?

I answered:

-Tarzan got closer to her and sniffed her, she didn’t smell like the little pig.- TARZAN FRIEND? -he asked her with a curious look, while he looked at her and took a streak of her bangs.-




He looked from the distance just to find Jane running off crying. He opened his mouth slightly, with great concern. Tarzan didn’t understand the reason why the female was crying, he decided to follow her silently. 

Jane ran to a clearing, crying quietly to herself. She didn’t know how she was supposed to feel or what she was going to do. She really did like Milo but she knew things would become complicated between the both of them. Plus.. Tarzan was back, and so were all of her strong feelings for him. She really hoped Milo would understand, but Tarzan really, out of anyone she had ever met, had never made her feel so nervous or happy, in love..
“Oh..” Jane sighed, sitting down, cupping her chin with her hand, her elbow resting on her knees. She wasn’t even sure if Tarzan knew what love was, or if he felt it for her.
Tarzan followed her behind the bushes, watching her quietly, and then slowly went through the bushes walking on his knuckles. He looked worried as she sat there. “Jane……..is Jane ok?” he asked with a worried tone. 

“Tarzan..?” Jane looked up towards him then wiped the tears from her eyes, nodding. She didn’t want him to worry over her, or see her in such a state. Managing a smile, Jane shook her head. “I just.. yes, I’m alright Tarzan.” She whispered, unable to bring herself to use a louder tone.

He walked in his knuckles closer and closer until he was right beside her. He looked at Jane, with a worried expression. Tarzan could feel something wasn’t right. His noose sniffed Jane, something from the smell was new, this smell wasn’t from her father, he would know. He held her chin up and leaned closer to her. There was something she was hiding, but he couldn’t understand what it was but his curiosity wanted to know. His free hand touched her cheek and felt it slightly wet, and he could clearly see this wetness was coming from her eyes. He moved up with his fingertips, and then found one tear drop. “Jane…..was crying??” he asked taking the tear away and tasting it. 

*points to himself* TARZAN is my name. Tarzan lives in the jungle. My mother Kala is a gorilla, she will always be my mother. Bananas! Tarzan likes eating bananas. Tazan likes hunting animals for food. Tarzan likes Jane, she is a woman, a beautiful woman who taught me how to read, write and speak.

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